Offering Rejuvenating massages and Back Pain Therapies for Health and Healing


Throughout his 30 years of experience, Dr. Brown has helped many to find freedom from pain in the back and neck as well as other areas of the body. He empowers each one of his clients to take control of their own health and helps even those with the most difficult conditions to find improvement in their state of health. Dr. Brown educates his patients and provides motivation and inspiration to help them realize true health.

Relax your body

The assistance of professional staff and comfortable environment offer a perfect environment to relax your body.

Refresh your mind

Our massage treatments don’t just work on your body. Having a quiet time and relaxing your body muscles rejuvenates your brain as well. Even a single session triggers a soothing tone in your mind, which relaxes your soul.


Our commitment towards physical and mental rejuvenation translates into a serene meditative environment for you. We create a calming environment during our sessions, which allows you to meditate and have a relaxing experience at the same time. Our rooms are sound-resistant and have soothing colors, which helps in the process.

Full support

With our team of qualified and experienced staff, we are capable of providing full support for all our clients. Our professionals are here to answer your questions and resolve your queries. You can schedule an appointment with us according to your need.


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With massage and therapy experts, we combine our comfortable facility with organic products. Hence, you receive exceptional massages and therapies performed by the best in the industry. Our ability to offer multiple therapies and healing treatments comes from the experience utilized by Dr. Brown.

There are many popular ancient therapies which might not be very popular these days, however, their impact on our health can be bigger than as estimated. We at Embodyed Health & Healing specializes in one such therapy – Cupping Therapy, which is an age-old technique of releasing stress and toxins with the application of minimal force to internal organs as possible. Our experts are best-chosen practitioners from the market so that you get worth of invested money.

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We at Embodyed Health and Healing understand the link between the nervous system and connective tissues. An improper link causes the daily tensions that we experience daily. If you are trying to find out a way out then the holistic healthcare therapies that Dr. Brown provides at the clinic is the best way. His experience and knowledge in various healthcare therapies give us the opportunity to present before you the best therapies for having a healthy and normal life. Melt Method Therapy is one such therapy that we offer along with many other.

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The main objective of ours at Embodyed Health And Healing is to offer you multiple ways which will allow having a total care of your mind and body. The stored physical and the emotional pains can be released if you have the help of Dr. Brown. His experience and knowledge in this field will help you to have an approach to various innovative means to have such a relief. It can be said with certainty that the massage therapy that we offer would enable you to be relieved of the various pains that you have and provide you with a means to have a healthy life.

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We at Embodyedhealthandhealing are all set to offer you the best of treatment at an affordable rate from the chronic pain and injuries you suffer from. We have varieties of treatment type and select the one best suited for you according to the relief you desire, Quanta Bio-frequency patches is one such a method.

If you are suffering from pain in various parts of your body, sports injury, bursitis, bulging disc, congestion of lymph and stress or anxiety you need to come to us for having this nature of treatment. The entire treatment is painless and performed at your schedule time.

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After consulting with hundreds of clients and working for years, we have gradually established a flexible opening hour to match the time frame that suits our clients. You can have a look at our opening timing right here.


11 AM - 08 PM


11 AM - 08 PM


11 AM - 08 PM


11 AM - 08 PM


By Appointment Only




Our creativity lies in our ability to customize weekly opening hours. We optimize our opening hours in such a way that every client gets to pick a session time conveniently. Hence, you can smoothly blend our appointments in your daily schedule.