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Dr. Brown is honored to receive wonderful compliments from patients just like you who have experienced breakthroughs in their wellbeing! Our patients at EmBODYed Health and Healing in New York, NY are amazed at the results that they see throughout their treatment and love to share their experiences.

Here is a sampling of the many comments we have received:

"Dr. Brown's years of experience in massage, nutrition and chiropractic helped me train and compete on the world stage of track and field. His unique perspective is unprecedented and i am grateful for his guidance. I would highly recommend him for all your performance needs."
Olympic sprinter 2012,2008
-Blessing Okagbare

Dr. Brown is NOT your average chiropractor. His 25yrs.+ experience of nutrition, deep tissue massage and chiropractic has been an instrumental part of my training regime" Whether your training,competing, or just trying to get to the next level; Go see Dr. Brown!
(IFBB) Professional Body Builder
-Victor Martinez

Dr. John Brown is a talented chiropractor and healer...the intuitive of his hands are to be experienced first-hand...Dr. Brown is always passionate about his work and continues to further his skills regularly...
-Dr. Sherri Greene

John Brown has healing powers above and beyond any medical professional I've ever met. In addition, he's a top-notch and caring human being. I recommend his approach to everyone motivated to reach new levels of achievement, creativity and overall life satisfaction!
- Allan Kreda, ranked Dr. Brown’s top qualities as Personable, Expert, High Integrity

HEALER in the true sense of the word. John's technique is so much more than his degrees and certifications. He has a NATURAL and INNATE knowledge of the body, mind, spirit and soul. He knows what you need and treatment that would best benefit you. At the same time, he listens to your needs. I have termed John a 'body worker' because there is no term to describe the vast amount of treatments, approaches and knowledge he integrates to truly HEAL. You will NEVER leave his office feeling even close to the way you walked in and most likely 100-200% better - this is not boasting. He knows every single muscle in your body, those that need focus, those that are referring pain vs. the cause of it and most importantly a variety of solutions. From chiropractic adjustment to massage - from DEEP tissue to energy flow, acupuncture, energy medicine, emotional balancing, integrative medicine and a newer and most deserved practice area: Sports massage and treatment. An athlete himself, John understands the needs of the athlete's body. I would say, based on much experience, that John is one of the best in New York City.
- Lauren Gold, ranked Dr. Brown’s top qualities as Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

John is a very talented and deeply committed chiropractor and LMT. He takes a very holistic approach to health and healing and does not simply make quick, rote manipulations. Rather, he pursues those treatments and methods that best serve the client's needs and desires. I have had amazing success with John treating both injuries and chronic aches and pains. His help and guidance are invaluable.
-Catherine Duke, ranked Dr. Brown’s top qualities as Great Results, Personable, Expert

I highly recommend Dr. Brown for any of your health issues. After several unsuccessful visits to doctors and physical therapy, Dr. Brown was the only Practitioner able to fix my carpel tunnel issues in a few short weeks. He is much more than a Chiropractor and massage therapist. Dr. Brown has been greatly blessed with the gift of a true healer.
- Catherine Rode, ranked Dr. Brown’s top qualities as Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Dr. Brown is the absolute best healer I have ever worked with. I came to him with a variety of chronic physical ailments—back, psoas, knees—only exacerbated by being 40 lbs. overweight. As a former dancer, gymnast, and physical acting specialist, I have been exposed to a variety of healing methods and approaches over the years. But never have I had a doctor/therapist that works so holistically (healing the whole person) and effectively (treating by way of a variety of methodologies). The combination of Dr. Brown’s physical therapy sessions and the weight loss program was transformative for me—I lost 36 lbs. and I am maintaining that weight easily. I now move with an ease and openness, and with strength, flexibility, and fluidity in my daily life and in my yoga and dance practices—something that I haven’t experienced in years. Dr. Brown is a life saver!
- Dona Lee Kelly, ranked Dr. Brown’s top qualities as Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

I’ve been HEALED!... or better yet I feel that way but, I'm still in the process. I’ve suffered from various chronic pains throughout my body that have been triggered by muscle memory from past injuries, emotional stress, neglect to heal aches & pains, lack of exercise as well as an improper diet. I have always been skeptical about seeing any chiropractic service to help me and therefore I never did anything about it, I just endured it and lived with the pain. Dr. John’s treatments (and I’ve had them all done to me) have helped various aspect of my bodily pains and its healing process. From my initial visit to Dr. John Brown, I felt an immediate change and release, to best explain it, ‘I felt like I was breathing for the first time again’. His treatment and approach has opened my eyes to understand that the true nature of EmBODYed health & healing begins with you... I think that after this experience the world should feel as great as I do.
- Farib Alvarez, ranked Dr. Brown’s top qualities as Listens, addresses & gives quality advice for continued support and healing. Great hands, great results!