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Welcome to EmBODYed

Holistic Health & Healing

At EmBODYed Health and Healing in New York City, skilled chiropractor Dr. John Brown takes an integrative approach to whole body care. Founded on the principals of whole health including body, mind and spirit, Dr. Brown helps his clients release years of stored physical and emotion pain to help achieve balance in all aspects of their being with comprehensive chiropractic services.

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Are you ready for a health breakthrough, physically and emotionally?
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Freedom from PAIN

Throughout his 25 years of experience, Dr. Brown has helped many to find freedom from pain in the back and neck as well as other areas of the body. He empowers each one of his clients to take control of their own health and helps even those with the most difficult conditions to find improvement in their state of health. Dr. Brown educates his patients and provides motivation and inspiration to help them realize true health.

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Reignite your passion for life with true healing from the inside out!

Whether you suffer from sports injuries, have been injured in a car accident or have suffered from a life-long health condition, Dr. Brown provides effective, hand-on care and is committed to your wellness success. He has helped hundreds of patients throughout his career to realize and achieve their health goals. Why put yourself off any longer? Dr. Brown can help you:

  • Enjoy pain-free living again!
  • Find relief from your chronic condition that you thought was impossible!
  • End the struggles of your health issues that have kept you from wellness and happiness!
  • Restore the energy and vitality that you used to have!
  • Feel inspired to live a more enjoyable life!

If you’re ready for a healthier and happier you through one of our innovative chiropractic techniques, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Brown today at 917-674-1367!

  • The services Dr. Brown has are absolutely amazing, They relieve me from painful injuries and help clear my mind.
  • It's true, the holistic approach to pain relief is really the best, i can personally attest to it, thank you Dr Brown.
  • A modern pain relief clinic that helps me to return back to 100% from my sports injuries.